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Read this Biographies College Essays and over 84,000 other research documents.The essay explores an American painter, printmaker, and filmmaker, Andy Warhol.As part of the modern art movement which took place in England and America during the late 20th century, pop art involved using the popular imagery of the time as subject a matter for art.Replicating previous artwork from decades before him, Andy Warhol became the founding father of appropriation, that has now become a symbol of postmodernism.

Andy Warhol created three Marilyn Monroe screen print portfolio.To some it can be a work of art, a true masterpiece, but to others it can be seen as simply just a painting.Warhol was best known for his bright colored images of famous people and food cans.

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Also, because the water was from the melted snow it was around forty degrees and the sand around the lake on a few places was white sand.

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It was during these months, while Warhol was sick in bed, that his mother, herself a skillful artist, gave him his first drawing lessons.Andy Warhol Best-known for his silk-screened photographs of Marilyn Monroe Essay.

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Knowing that Warhol has a strong detachment over emotional feelings to his environment, it is easier on the part of the readers to understand the factors that triggered Warhol to come up with a creative way of reproducing a piece of art design.Warhol attended Holmes Elementary school and took the free art classes offered at the Carnegie Institute (now the Carnegie Museum of.His large troupe of assistants, working in what Warhol called the Factory, were the actual producers.The mask is said to bring out a mans inner-most desires and when Carrey puts it on he becomes a man who is basically a hopeless romantic and a clown making the audience laugh without abandon.The personality of an artist could affect the art technique used in a given art design.

They ended up getting a divorce in 1946 as she began her modeling career.Never before have I encountered more intriguing works of art than those done by.

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When I saw this it reminded me of the very first time I saw Jim Carrey play in the movie The Mask.

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Because of his personal desire to become a successful business artist, Warhol eventually concentrated on the use of silk-screen in mass producing his work of art.Many people do not realize it and I was one of those people, but different colors do provide different moods.From then on, musicians everywhere could replicate, duplicate and copy history to re-make music on their own with the use of samplers.

As a pop artist, Warhol was capable of using different art techniques including: blotted-line ink style or monoprints, hand-painting with paint drips, silk-screens, oxidation paintings, and Rorschach blots among others.

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To me at first I saw simply just a painting, I did not see it as anything special but when I started toying with the colors and hues and saturations I began to see different things.These men set the benchmarks by which others are measured to this day.Dadaism, the movement which Andy Warhol was involved in, is a specific artistic style which rejects and questions artistic.His artistic influence and unusual personality redefined the modern art world.