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Ethics and Law term papers (paper 3307) on The Legalization of Marijuana: The Legalization of Marijuana for All Purposes Drugs are major problem in our society today.It is because of this and the immergence of new evidence, that the justification behind prohibition of this drug is being rethought scientifically, socially, and economically.Many claim that Marinol, a synthetic form of THC, abolishes the need for Marijuana to be used as medicine, but it has been shown that it is just not as effective as smoking.The third issue in this debate is, how would Marijuana legalization affect our nation.Aside from hemp, Marijuana was used in America up until 1937, when it was banned by 47 states as a result of increased usage due to the 1920 amendment that outlawed alcohol.If it will be allowed medically, they believe it would also be accepted recreationally on false grounds.

We need to leave be the people that would rather choose to sit down after work and smoke a joint than drink a bear.Research Paper Marijuana marijuana essay outline outline for argumentative research paper debate paper cons for legalizing marijuana.Prohibitionists also insist that a drug market would still exist for miners, and that decriminalization would increase the usage of the drug.

Prohibitionists contend that smokers become more susceptible to respiratory illnesses, increased phlegm production, chest illnesses, lung infections and cancer of the head and neck.Furthermore, there are other chemicals in Marijuana that help patients in ways that Marinol cannot.Approval of Marijuana by 27 states, new medical studies, and its consequences on those convicted from use of the most common illicit drug in the world, is forcing the United States of America to rethink its stance on the matter.When the term decriminalization is used, what is proposed is the elimination of criminal penalties for marijuana, meaning that in most cases possession (with certain restrictions) would be treated as a civil offense and maximum charges could be a fine of a few hundred dollars.Articles, reports, publications and books about marijuana and legalization.

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People no longer having access to alcohol went elsewhere for a recreational substance.They also argue that Marijuana should not be classified as a schedule I drug alongside heroin and cocaine etc. because it is simply much more mild and less harmful of a drug, even less harmful than alcohol and tobacco.

(Marijuana Policy in Colorado - Cato Working Paper)

If legalized, our indebted economy would be spared millions, innocents would no longer be unjustly imprisoned, our crime would be reduced, and Marijuana would no longer be able to be obtained by innocent adolescents, instead by adults who have the right to choose for themselves whether they should use this nature-grown plant or not.A change in laws is going to have a dramatic affect on America.

If the Government regulated and taxed Marijuana, similar numbers could be seen.It was classified as a schedule I drug despite the fact that it was recommended by the CSA (controlled substances act) task force to not place it in this class.A custom research paper example discussing the legalization of marijuana and possible federal savings.The Drug War is the resulting conflict between law enforcement and those who deal in illegal drugs.Discover the formula of success in marijuana research paper writing.As previously stated, Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the world, and with millions of people using it regularly and almost 100 million that have ever used it in this country, the laws behind this drug hold great influence.Opponents also claim that long-term use has shown changes in the brain similar to those seen from other drugs.A good weed statement to start off my paper. So i asked him could i write a persuasive essay on legalizing marijuana.

While certain states in the US currently allow medical Marijuana use, the Federal Government claims that their law overrules state law and therefore users of the medical Marijuana can be prosecuted.

Get access to Against Legalization Of Marijuana Essays only from Anti Essays.Marijuana should be legalized for all purposes and anyone that semi-educated or possesses half a brain would probably agree with me.Proponents also argue the issue of whether Marijuana is in fact harmful, or more harmful than the already illegal illicit substances such as alcohol or tobacco, quite fervently.

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Opponents believed that society would be affected negatively and see increased crime rate, and drug use among other things.Tips how to write a good research about Legalizing Marijuana.Fredericton interested by financial advantages of marijuana manufacturing, distribution.

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Advocates of legalization claim that it is simply untrue that Marijuana is more potent now than it was, enforcing the fact that poor storage in evidence rooms during the 70s caused a decline in potency results on tests and that Marijuana is the same now as it was in the 70s.Despite the Cannabis Sativa plant producing Marijuana it also produces hemp, which is a very useful cash crop that can produce several textile materials.There are hundreds of essays written on the use of medical marijuana but this paper sample is the best around on this topic.

This is considered to be a guiding principle when the FDA makes a decision towards approving a substance for medicinal use.Research paper on marijuana - No Fs with our trustworthy writing services.

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Persuasive advantages of the cannabis plant intended for cataract surgeon may sound cavalier, explained.Robert Heath on monkeys that revealed THC in Marijuana caused that serious brain damage.Legalizing marijuana essay depicts the pros and cons of this issue.

One of the most famous points made by prohibitionists is that Marijuana is a gateway drug and leads to harder drugs.Opponents against Marijuana legalization for all purposes believe that it is harmful to the users and therefore should remain illegal.Because Marijuana contributes to half of the drug war, if legalized half the drug dealers would be out of work and as result our society can expect to see a 50% reduction in crime related to the drug war.Proponents believed the opposite of this, using statistics and testimony to predict the positive outcome of legalization.Marijuana Legalization Poses A Dilemma For International Drug.

In 1996, California became the first state to legalize medical Marijuana, setting off a significant trend through the country.

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Legalizing marijuana usage can be beneficial to society when it comes to the money that can be made from it legally. research papers and coursework in English.

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Both imprisonment and the war cost our country, and therefore our people, money.This clearly indicates an increased potency in the intoxicating chemical.