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These sentiments based on achieving the good life are as well echoed by Aristotle in his argument on the achievement of the good life (Hallman, p92).The interaction with other people in the society creates the togetherness in the society hence enhancing happiness in such a society.

Apart from Socrates and Aristotle, Plato is yet another ancient philosopher who contributed his arguments on the concept of the good life.In pursuit of the excellence needed for the good life, there are three main kinds of human virtue that the philosopher identified.Happiness is something that could not be improved by adding anything further to it since the life of a person who is happy is a complete life.In his arguments, Aristotle identified that in the ancient times, many people could not lead the good life because they were dying in slavery.

I imagine the world to be a happy and safe place for all who inhabit it.Whether you are from India, France, or Germany, you smile in the same language.

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Laughter truly is the most effective and side effect free medicine in the world.I agree with the goal of autonomy, that philosophy is having the freedom to make your own decisions and beliefs by using your own reasoning capabilities.In achieving the good life, one has to acquire happiness in life.

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Do most companies have an obligation to create and enforce a code of ethics.Philosophy on life and death is usually determined by a number of things.Socrates was one of the major philosophers that came up with the definition of the good life.One of the philosophers that contributed to the argument of the good life and how to achieve it is Aristotle.He goes ahead in explaining the happiness is a state in which a person has everything that he or she needs and nothing more.

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.A persons philosophy will vary depending on ones life experience.The Philosophy of Life Essays: Over 180,000 The Philosophy of Life Essays, The Philosophy of Life Term Papers, The Philosophy of Life Research Paper, Book Reports.This tends to differentiate the human kind in society from the brute animals in the society.Generally, Plato defines good life as a state in which an individual would be happy.In their search of pleasure, they end up being distracted from living the good life.This Essay shows how I think people should live, and the Necessities to do so.The philosopher argues out that happiness is the key to the good life (Vanier, p75).

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The three main philosophers discussed in the essay concerning their arguments on the good life include Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato.He argues that happiness is considered to be self-sufficient.

The third kind of excellence is the interpersonal excellence, which falls under the virtuous friendship virtue.According to Aristotle, intellectual virtue can be compared to wisdom because is the excellence in thought.He points out that suppose the good life could be dependent on the external factors in life, then it could not be self-sufficient.If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to request removal.Although it is essential to the good life, Aristotle points out that being virtuous does not identify with the good life because it may entail living with great suffering (Hallman, p72).

The idea of character development is involved in the moral virtue.In the Nichomachean ethics, it is established that the philosopher Aristotle came up with the good life theory for human beings.

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In addition to acquiring happiness in life, the good life can be achieved by one learning to make their own decisions in life and having the ability to reason.

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According to the philosopher, the personal excellence in the good life falls under the moral virtue.