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Do you think the judge ruled correctly by stopping federal funding of ESC research.The remaining 12% are used for research, donation, destruction, quality assurance, or other uses.Forcing someone into aborting their child would be wrong, that would be killing.With an aborted fetus, if the woman chose to have an abortion, why let a life that was ended go to waste.

This question is a tricky, as, they are not being explicit about which area of stem cell embryo reseach they are alluding to.Embryonic stem cell research is caused us more than 17.69billion dollars in debt.I think embryonic stem cell research should only be able to be received from In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) left-overs (for lack of better words).The embryo research would give those cells a chance at saving someone that is already living.Federal funding would streamline the legal aspect of embryonic stem cell research and help eliminate the unnecessary bureaucracy on both state and federal levels.Introduction: What are stem cells,. research on stem cells raises scientific questions as rapidly as it generates new discoveries.Yeah, at the MOMENT it may help the economy and unemployment, but will it in 2 years or 10 years, or 50.In other words, stem cell research would never exist in America.

Unwanted aborted embryos are better seen in labs than the trash.I feel Stem Cell Research could be very useful in finding the cures to diseases, however I am against the means that current protocol requires.What about those kids that would benefit with that young lives that deserve to get better.In the end when it comes down to it, everyone is different and everyone is entitled the their own opinions.I believe that the judge ruled incorrectly by stopping federal funding of ESC research.

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If scientist can obtain adult stem cells I think they should find a way to work with that since they are not harming the adult or an unborn baby.In this case, the judicial branch weighed in and took the side of Congress.Why spend money at all on such research if the information is being obtained in a way that has been proven to be faulty and unstable.I think that its nice that people have opinions about this an that as far as the decisions made by our government and that in certain cases such as whether or not we should get involved in another countries war or whether on not we should allow so much federal spending in certain departments when it should be spent on improving others.I think that stem cell research should not be funded by the government.

Stem Cell Research, Funding, and Legalization What are Stem Cells.According to a study done in 2003, only about 2% of these are used for research.I believe that stem,cell research is very bad and should not be funded by the government.Are you really going to use your imbullical cord for anything.It is a fact that when something is banned, research scientist make breakthrough discoveries by looping towards larger sets of variables.I think that we should however have a budget on how much our government should be allowed to spend on the health care advancements.European Union, a representation of quantum networked organizations, must implement a firm action based legislation paper, an upcoming Normative Act issued by the appropriate authorities involved in a fundamental life research computational paradigm.

Because of this, we must continue to strive for new, inventive ways to obtain these stem cells, which must require our tax dollars for federal funding.I understand there doing this to help people but they are just ruining the life and family of a soon to be human.The government should help support this vital research to help those with diseases that otherwise would not be able to be cured with out it.If the funding of research to find a breakthrough for his disease and to help others like him is an option, why or how could anyone object to that.

They need to feel empathy and putt there selves in the parents position.The question of terminating the embryo of viable offspring is a very divisive issue and will probably not be resolved in the near future, if ever.Until there is a sufficient and efficient way to use the adult stem cells without any negative side-effects, I think the researchers can continue to use the stem cells from the embryos.

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Center for American Progress, 9 Mar. 2009. Web. 14 Apr. 2013.Induced pluripotent stem cells have a number of benefits because the destruction of embryos is not necessary and there are no issues with immune response or rejection because the cells come from the patient.The government should fund stem cell research but to what point and in what form is yet to be decided.Yeah, it probably should be legal, even though it is a tough decision to make due to what they are taking it from.People on both sides may not necessarily agree on it, but it is better than nothing.

David A. Prentice, founding member, Do No Harm -- The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics: Federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research is illegal.Should formal legislation be enacted to govern stem cell research, and its subsequent commercial.I dream that one day, people will have no abortions, no organ harvesting and wars, but a method for regenerating their own bodies through bio nano tech.Look at it in the long run: approximately 42 million abortions occur every year.If people are willingly donating them to research, then allow for the research to be funded.Taking an embryo and destroying it, destroying life is morally wrong to me.Yes, it is wrong to hurt or harm an embryo, but I feel that if that if the project uses previously obtained embryonic stem cells, it should be eligible for federal funding.If the parent was willing to donate and would abort anyways, then the government should be willing to fund ESC research with those stem cells.

Abortions, embryos created specifically for research purposes, whatever.

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Embryonic Stem Cells Miracle Cure Medical BBC Documentary YouTube.Why Professional Athletes are Turning to Stem. adipose stem cell.Experimental treatments using embryonic and adult stem cells: Ethical and legal implications.Stem cell research is legal, has always been legal, and will remain legal.