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The Enlightenment transformed the way people in the 18th century viewed politics, also the Enlightenment was precursor for the financial crisis in France, and also caused peasants and the lower class to want power.The nobility were only required to pay the land tax, property taxes as well as taxes on roads and services.

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With this monarchial system, each king of France from 1610 to 1789 would contribute in both positive and negative ways, depending greatly on the Chief Ministers they appointed.It was a movement that originated in England during the 17th century.Also, revolutionary ideas were instilled within the people during the Enlightenment.The people of the revolution wanted France to establish a new political and social system where all people could enjoy equality, and pushed for government centralization, abolition of feudalism, religious tolerance and equality in the access.

Causes Of The French Revolution. The French Revolution of 1789 had several causes not only due to political,.King Louis came into power at the age of 20, and he put most of the financial duties to Turgot, one of the best statesmen.Although France is known at the mother country as a whole, there are still some regions that are more productive and successful at making and distributing wine.The first estate consisted of the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church.

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The French Revolution ended the thousand-year rule of the monarchy in France and began when King Louis XVI gathered representatives from the 3 social groups called the Clergy, the Nobilities and the Commoners to solve a great national debt and economic crisis France was experiencing.

One such matter was a national debt, which was caused by an inequitable taxation system, the many wars of the 18th century, and a massive spending spree by the royal family.The first source is mostly about the mistreatment of the Third Estate by the First Estate, Second Estate, and King Louis XVI (who is in front of the other Estates, using the Third Estate to carry them all along).The general population (the 3rd estate) had enough of absolutism.

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The city workers were dissatisfied because their wages were not high enough to purchase essential goods, especially when prices were already increasing at a rapid rate.Finally, there lived the royalties: King, Queen, and their people.Widespread famine and hunger, due to a grain shortage, rampaged through sections of the country.All of this coupled with economic depression from ongoing wars and lavishness by the Royal Family resulted in several movements that lead to the enlightenment, which ultimately spurred the revolution.

Napoleon took the initiative to bring stability and order back to France.Therefore his initial claims and theories were not completed, his actions contradicted his preliminary ideas.Although the vast majority of the citizens of France were members of the Catholic church, this did not mean that they trusted the church.Consequently, Napoleon betrayed the ideas of the French Revolution: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.Another background or major longstanding cause of the revolution was the growth of trade and industry.

The peasants were given unfair treatment by the government, whereas the citizens of th.In 1775, Louis XV died, and gave his throne to Louis Auguste, so he became Louis XVI.Women did not have many rights or much of a voice before the Revolution, but when it started they were able to give opinions and it kept them from giving up on the Revolution.

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To begin, there were several contributing factors to the Revolution.

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This is a bit ironic since the people that were in charge of these institutions were the majority of the ones that could read.Though the patriots preached of equality for all, slavery still existed in America for nearly a century and women remained remarkably oppressed even to this day.In the French Revolution, monarchism was abandoned and political power was given to the people until the country became out of control, and a military dictatorship was necessary to regain control of France.

Since she had no child to take care, she had to find some entertainments for herself.Napoleon Bonaparte Betrayed the Ideas of the French Revolution.One of the mess of the budgetary issues of France was the American Revolution.We can see how Napoleon Bonaparte repeatedly opposed himself in each one of the French Revolutionist areas.Cause Of French Revolution Essays and Term Papers. The major cause of was the disputes between the different types of social classes in French society.He claims that terror comes from virtue and it is what the French people and government need (Robespierre).As citizens unite with a common desire, the pride created can topple even the most controlling of regimes.Prior to the revolution, the distribution of taxes was extremely unfair.The role that King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette had before and during the revolution was a key factor in starting the revolution.

The relationship between Rousseau and the French Revolution, however, may require some further research years prior to the revolution.At a private meeting, the Third Estate members began to call themselves by the new title of National Assembly, and gained so much support that King Louis XVI was forced to combine all three estates into this assembly.The nobles and clergy rejected paying any further taxes and the peasants believed that they could not maintain adequate living standards if the increase of taxes persisted.

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Louis XVI gave so much financial support to the armies, he was constrained to raise taxes on the nobility leading to economic issues because the government was bankrupt.The credit is given to all these revolutions for enlightenment of mankind.

In the years before the revolution citizens were rigidly constrained by the estates of the realm.Louis XIV immediately rejected these notions, hence the string of them.Demonstrations would not have been successful for the revolutionaries without the leadership of strong women.Disagreements and quarrels continued between different social classes.This was a deistic way of believing that he had implemented after getting rid of the Catholic Church.The major cause of the French Revolution was the disputes between the different types of social classes in French society.Some were even able to buy noble positions (The Causes of the French Revolution).However, although the French Revolution has contained a fair amount of bloodshed, its aftermath on the French has been overall positive.However, a few commoners took advantage of the new trading opportunities and industries at the time and were thus able to gain considerable knowledge, wealth and power.

The Revolution was a time of political change different from earlier revolutions in world history.Through his domestic policy, Napoleon established the National Bank of France.

The Third Estate desired to gain support for equal representation, even though the nobles were reluctant to surrender their privileges.Rather, the institution of the royal state was an inherently flawed one by the reign of Louis XVI, to the extent that only a full revolution would effectively produce solutions to the problems of the ancien regime.What began as a dispute between the people and the monarchy quickly turned into a violent and demandingly rapid movement to change the government that was more representative of the people of France.Modern historians still debate the value of the changes that the revolution brought to modern society.The lower classes paid much heavier taxes than the nobility and clergymen.