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While each official euro member (as well as Monaco, San Marino and Vatican) issues its own coins with a unique obverse, the reverse, as well as all bank notes, look the same throughout the eurozone.For instance, a sandwich stand might sell 4 different types of ham sandwiches that in each case contain ham, mayonnaise, and cheese.Fiat offer guided tours of their headquarters, where a full-scale test track may be found on the roof.On high-speed trains you can also choose between basic, standard and flexible tickets.Official web sites of Italy, the capital of Italy, art, culture, history, cities, airlines, embassies, tourist boards and newspapers.Food is definitely one of the best souvenir you can get in Italy.

Unless different limits are posted, general speed limits are.It is easier to hitchhike out of the Bronx than it is to hitchhike in Italy.Italian Unification (1848-1870. yielded his territories to Cavour in the name of Italian unification.You can choose whether to obtain a receipt by email or pick it up on board the train.

Adapters for other systems (including US plugs) are not that ubiquitous but can be found at airports or in specialised shops.Welcome to Italy Inspires, the global community experience for luxury wedding planners, professionals and influencers to meet, discover and share the countless.The people of these countries, cities, and towns may not know the treasures that their beautiful land has to offer.

The moment you hand over your ticket they will tell you that you are running late, and rush you to your carriage.Also, for dinner, wine may be served even without ordering, and you will almost certainly be charged.

Best served chilled in the freezer in small glasses that have been in the freezer.Likewise, a visa granted for any Schengen member is valid in all other countries that have signed and implemented the treaty.If one gets a chance to visit Venice at this period, it becomes difficult to leave the town because of the scenes that are displayed allover (Bing, 2009).The country of Italy is situated in Europe and attached in the north to the European mainland.Italians use mobile phones extensively, some might say excessively.Not surprisingly, Italian is the language spoken natively by most Italians.So, you can choose between cutting-edge, avant-garde furniture, or old world antiques to buy in this country, which are, by average, of good quality.

To Rome and every street in the center seems to have a few pieces of inscribed Roman stone built into more recent buildings.Trains in Italy are generally good value, frequent but of mixed reliability.Hostilities began on May 24, 1915 and ended on November 4, 1918.The main emergency number, handled by the State Police, is 113.For more information, visit this webpage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy.Intercontinental airlines mainly arrive in Rome and Milan, with Rome being the main international gateway into the country.

With so many amazing sights, putting together a compilation of top tourist attractions in Italy is no easy task.You can either cycle on your own as a self guided tour or a supported tour that provides a guide to help you during your program.Post Offices can be found in every town and most villages - look for the PT symbol.Big-branded foreign exchange stalls that you find in train stations and airports, whilst legitimate, may charge a huge commission of approximately 20% on top of the published rates plus a fixed amount of euro.In warm Naples, citrus and other fresh fruit play a prominent role in both food and liquor, while in Venice fish is obviously an important traditional ingredient.Agnosticism or downright atheism have also become common, according to the latest census, accounting for nearly 20% of the population.The modern 1960s Pirelli Tower in Milan is often considered a symbol of the new Italy, and of post-war economic growth and reconstruction.The issue of drunk driving has received a great deal of attention in the last years after a series of lethal accidents.In time, its primitive kingdom grew into a republic - which would later evolve into an empire - covering the whole Mediterranean and expanding as far north as Scotland and as far east as Mesopotamia and Arabia.

I could feel the anticipation rising within myself knowing that my trip to Italy was just a few weeks away.Unless you already have one, you will also be required to obtain a Codice Fiscale (a tax number) - the vendor may generate one for you from your form of identification.The website is owned and operated by Global Soft Group Corp, BVI.

For all practical matters, including reporting a crime or asking for information, you may ask any of the aforementioned kinds of police.Remember that you must validate the ticket before boarding most trains, by stamping it in one of the yellow boxes (marked Convalida ).It is normally served either creamy, or allowed to set up and then cut into shapes and fried or roasted.South of Rome there are 20km of free beach at the Circeo National Park.In the season they cover almost all the beach with rows and rows of sunbeds (lettini) and umbrellas (ombrelloni).If you are going to speak in English, it is polite begin the conversation in Italian and ask if the person understands English before proceeding.Vesuvius — the famous dormant volcano with a stunning view of the Bay of Naples.

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Signposts used in Italy are patterned according to EU recommendations and use mostly pictographs (not text).

Silver Star Yachting is a yacht charter company based in Ischia, Naples.There are loads of jewellery and accessory stores which hail from Italy.Scandals have involved all major parties, but especially the Christian Democrats and the Socialists, which were both dissolved.Italy is an extraordinary feast of heart-thumping, soul-stirring art, food and landscapes rivalled by few and coveted by millions.