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This writing prompt invites your student to give her opinion about the thing she does best.Research Once you have chosen a topic and started your organization chart, you can begin your research.Ideally, all nations should cooperate in the advancement of space research.Social Media A high angle view of a boy looking at a laptop on the floor.Grade Levels: 2nd and 3rd Grade, 4th and 5th Grade, Grades K-12 My Favorite Subject.An opinion essay allows the writer to display their personal opinion on a subject.A collection of over 60 sample IELTS essay questions organised into topics for academic and general training IELTS.Sign up for our free weekly newsletter and get five new Student Opinion questions delivered to you every week.

Verb tenses vary, and other grammatical devices such as conditionals and modals are used with high accuracy.Space exploration is much too expensive and the money should be spent on more important things.

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The most important thing you need to keep in mind while writing an opinion essay is that you need to express.

Remember that you may argue the statement as it is written, or take the opposite view.Check our handpicked list of interesting essay topics and ideas and pick the one right for you.

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Choose from a variety of persuasive, argumentative, high school and reflective paper topics.Grade Levels: 2nd and 3rd Grade, 4th and 5th Grade, Grades K-12.

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Do you need help coming up with persuasive essay topics for your essay.IELTS Writing Task 1: Line Graph with Sample Answer IELTS Speaking Practice Test 2: Work.Persuasion essays are a bit like argument essays, but they tend to be a little kinder and gentler.My online IELTS Writing Practice Test will show you how to improve by a whole band score in just two days. Read more.We offer a writing guide with 100 Controversial Essay Topics.

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It is true that environmental destruction is also a serious issue, but it is also true that we remain dependent on our environment if we never accept the challenge of exploring other worlds.The model answer is divided into clear paragraphs and each body paragraph contains one main idea.

Your little author can tell about his favorite food in words and pictures in this writing prompt.Virginia Kearney. more. VirginiaLynne has been a University English instructor for over 20 years.Here’s a list of 30 most interesting and fun history paper topics.Opinion essays are perhaps the most common type of academic assignments that students have to write.Your student will write about her hero in this writing prompt.In conclusion, while we undoubtedly face serious problems on our own planet, it is imperative that we continue to explore space.

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This is where you can find free samples for IELTS Opinion Essays.

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Vocabulary is used with a strong awareness of collocation: take for granted, develop the capability, accept the challenge.

IELTS Writing Task 2: Problem Solution Essay with Sample Answer.First of all, many of the technologies we take for granted today were originated thanks to space research.

This IELTS Writing Task 2 opinion essay asks you to agree or disagree with the view that money spent on space exploration could be better spent elsewhere.

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High schools should offer specialized degrees in arts or sciences.On this page you can Download Free Opinion Essay Sample, find tips in Writing an Opinion Essay and look for some great Opinion Essay Topics.Consider prompt number 26 from the list below (cell phones should never be used while driving).From the name of this type of essay, it is clear that the student is required to express his own opinion on a.Therefore, the challenge of sending human beings into space has often driven the development of new technologies that benefit our everyday lives.